Welcome to our store. We hope you enjoy your stay.  Our thermocutters easily and efficiently cut a wide range of materials; thin thermoplastics sheet, polystyrene foam, synthetic fabrics and much more. The tools electrically heated blades are designed to provide easy and effortless cutting. 120 and 220 volt models are available; the best selling model, AZ TC-20 is a small hand-held tool designed for non-continuous cutting. Adjustable temperature control settings provide precise temperatures required for the material you are cutting. 


Hot knife, foam cutter, web cutter, heated blade

Hand held thermocutter (Hot Knife)

  • Price: $387.00

ZTS 24 Complete

The model ZTS24 is designed as a continuous duty tool

Heavy duty thermocutter, handle w/base

  • Price: $1,500.00

KZ-6 Regroover

KZ-6 Regroover

For regrooving smooth tires with worn tread. Also very useful in the grooving of rubber sheets and conveyor belts.

  • Price: $419.00

KZ-10 Regroover

KZ-10 Regroover

Model KZ 10 is great for grooving of rubber sheets and conveyor belts and profiling of friction linings and overlaps.

  • Price: $296.00

We want you to know that we are always working to keep our prices in line with the current economic environment.  Unlike other resellers, we base our prices on a fair profit margin that is based on value of the USD vs the Euro.  You can always shop with confidence knowing that you are getting a great product at a fair price! If you have a need for a quantity order, please give us a call at (844)Hot-Knife to discuss volume discounts.  In addition, we adhere to a strict privacy policy which means your information will not be shared, sold, or otherwise distributed.